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So your team coach dobbed you in to score, huh?
Well, welcome to "Basic Baseball Scoring"
Remember that everyone starts at the beginning and your baseball skills will develop!
This site will introduce you to the basics of baseball scoring and help get you started at the novice level.
And please seek assistance from SABSA or a senior scorer at your club anytime you need help.

A little intro into who we are ...
SABSA is an affiliated body of Baseball South Australia (BSA), first formed in 1976, with the objective of: Please email SABSA with any queries or suggestions or visit the SABSA website for more information.

Getting Started   

OPTION 1: (Much preferred!) --- Access the pages below at you own pace.
OPTION 2: If you are the type of person who likes to jump straight into the deep end, a comprehensive Level O Workbook is available online that you can plow through.
However, it is a very detailed document and without guidance can easily frighten children and horses.
  • Scorer's Responsibilities
  • Fielding Positions
  • Batting Order Positions
  • Scoresheet
  • Scoring Symbols
  • Batting Line-Up
  • Start Scoring - 1st Game
  • Start Scoring - 1st Plays
  • Substitutions
  • Errors/Ordinary Effort
  • QUIZZES! Oh, boy!

  • Scorer Responsibilities Quiz
  • Fielding Positions Quiz
  • Batting Order Quiz
  • Scoresheet Quiz
  • Scoring Symbols Quiz

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